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Cross-channel knowledge, always on optimization,
automatic reporting

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Visualize. Report. Optimize with AI-powered insights.

Datorama’s Insights Engine illuminates your marketing intelligence, providing always on optimization and reporting. Our Insight Engine brings striking visualizations and AI machine learning to your marketing analytics, giving you a holistic view of all of your data and empowering you to make smarter decisions. With the Insights Engine, monitor and report on all of your marketing data in a unified platform, providing each stakeholder with the right KPIs, trends and drill downs. Then optimize in the moment with AI surfaced insights that show you where to optimize across all your data– all accessible wherever you are via web or mobile.
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Beauty & Brains

Datorama dashboards and reports centralize KPI and calculation management while powering dashboards built in minutes via drag and drop. Designed with marketers in mind, the Datorama platform enables you to build the right dashboards and reports for each stakeholder and contributor in your organization — so your teams can collaborate more effectively and make better decisions to move your marketing and business forward. That means supporting every campaign, channel, cross-channel and leadership visualization you need. Better yet, you can easily create personalized templates to scale your best views across teams and regions and customize your dashboard design without limits.
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The right KPIs and insights, automated.

Datorama SmartLenses are one-click dashboards that surface the right KPIs and insights in an instant. Available for the top marketing data sources and based on our extensive domain expertise, SmartLenses automate discovery and analysis and achieve data modeling and visualization in a single step, bringing all marketers immediate value. SmartLenses simplify marketing analytics, delivering comprehensive insight into key data sources including Facebook, Marketo, Google Adwords, Moat and dozens more, so you can access the right in-depth KPIs, performance trending, campaign analysis, and segment drill-downs plus much more.
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Know what you don’t know with AI-powered insights across all your data.

Datorama Genius brings insights straight to your fingertips. Built for marketers, Genius understands how your data impacts your KPIs, using automated regression modelling and statistical analysis across all of your data. Genius makes sure your most crucial insights rise to the top while showing you the optimization paths forward. Genius helps complete the picture of total marketing performance management transforming your disparate data into better KPI performances faster than you ever thought possible.
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Predict & Prescribe

Datorama Advanced Analytics provide data science depth with embedded predictive and statistical modeling support for your custom calculations and models. In one-click, predict performance and allow Datorama to select the best forecasting model for you or select your own pre-set model. Additionally, leverage advanced function libraries and R to perform custom statistical modeling including regression analysis and predictive analytics.
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"SmartLenses reaffirm Datorama’s market leadership in delivering solutions for our teams to get to the top insights across all of our channels, campaigns and audiences. This puts us in the driver seat to apply our knowledge and best practices to optimize performance and impact in the moment — driving better relationships and outcomes at scale across our clients."

Mollie Parker
Director of Analytics and Tech Ops, DWA

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