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Input. Model. Adapt. Scale

Datorama’s Integration Engine is built specifically for marketers and media professionals and serves as the cornerstone of your cross-channel marketing intelligence. Our data integration, data modeling, and semantic layer combine the deepest in-the-box marketing expertise, AI machine learning, and easy extensibility to strike the perfect balance between automation and customization. Connecting and unifying all of your platforms, tools, and reports in one place becomes simple with smart assistive technology.
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Extensive APIs for your marketing data.

Access the most extensive library of marketing APIs– plus popular databases, cloud storage platforms, and big data environments. Simply select your platform connector to automate your data integration directly, updating at the interval of your choosing.

Our APIs cover the full spectrum of the Martech and Adtech ecosystem so you can connect any data source – social, search, display, video, programmatic, web analytics, CRM, email, and more – all in one place, quickly and easily.
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Unify your data with marketing expertise.

Smarter decisions are built on unified data – KPIs, metrics, and classifications that show you what’s working and what’s not across channels, campaigns, and more. Most solutions require complex and costly technical skill sets – and miss what’s most important – marketing expertise.

Datorama Mix is the smarter approach. Our dynamic data model is like having the ultimate marketing data expert at your service. Leveraging deep domain and media knowledge, it knows how your data should fit together and automates organization. And it’s fully adaptable– allowing you to connect new data, tools, and teams in real-time.
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Limitless AI-powered data integration.

Marketing data is always changing. With more than 5000+ marketing tools in the market, you need the flexibility to connect any data source instantly. TotalConnect answers the challenge, going beyond APIs into limitless integration.

Using machine learning intelligence to analyze data files, TotalConnect automates data cleansing and data model mapping– crucial steps that usually require advanced manual skillsets. Like a good assistant, it finishes the job by scheduling ongoing data updates via email, SFTP, and more. With TotalConnect, you’re ready to integrate any data at a moment’s notice.
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Custom KPIs and classifications.

The Datorama Semantic Layer extends Datorama Mix, allowing marketers to customize their data model and business logic in real-time across KPIs, calculations, and classifications. Semantic layers in traditional platforms require complex technical skillsets, but Datorama puts the power the hands of the marketers, agencies, and publishers who know their business best.

Using language marketers understand, creating KPIs or managing classification rules becomes simple. It’s the third element to creating the agile, single source of truth for all of your dashboards, reports, and insights for holistic cross channel marketing analytics.
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"Unlike more traditional data integration tools designed for IT users, Datorama is built for hard-working marketers who need to pull information from a bewildering portfolio of data management, marketing analytics, campaign management, social media, sales and other platforms."

Martin Kihn
VP Research, Gartner

Whitepaper: 7 Steps to Marketing Data Integration

Just getting started on your data integration journey? We wrote a 7-step roadmap to help you understand and improve your company’s marketing analytics efficiency.
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