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Always On – Acting with Knowledge

Move beyond visualizations to action. Datorama’s Activation Engine connects the right information to the right people, or systems, activating opportunities for optimization and driving goals day by day. With the Activation Engine, deliver intelligent goal monitoring, enterprise collaboration, and workflow automations across your full array of best-in-breed marketing technologies.

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Real-time automation

Automate your marketing stack to increase productivity and promote collaboration. The Datorama Action Center was built to facilitate your marketing workflows, keeping you and your campaigns on track. Automate budgets across your media channels such as Facebook, Google AdWords, and The Trade Desk. Pause or restart campaigns based on goal performances. Connect tools such IFTTT, Slack, Twilio, and Webhook for complete extensibility of the platform.
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Monitor, predict, and alert

Track and increase your performance in real-time. Datorama Goals are dynamic centrally managed so that you can easily access, update, and scale your goals. Visualize goals in any format on your dashboards while receiving intelligent recommendations and predictions to help hit them. Get granular with your goals and create sub-goals to align teams and regions. Connect your goals to the Action Center for real-time alerts across channels and devices.
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Communicate with your data

No matter the system or tool, we know you need the flexibility to interact with your data. That’s why we provide full API access to export data, in particular through standard tools such as Tableau and Microsoft Excel. Furthermore, talk to your data through our unique integration with Amazon Alexa, and ask Datorama anything.
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Chat, share, embed

Bring team collaboration to the next level right within your dashboard, so that your team can make informed decisions and ask questions within the context of your data. Share data and insights from the widget to dashboard level via downloadable reports or any image file type. Elevate data interactivity and streamline visualization updates with live and embeddable links featuring filterable data. Finally, integrate Slack for easy communication within Datorama.
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"It’s like something out of J.K. Rowling’s imagination. Being able to optimize every marketing investment, across 1000’s campaigns, and dozens of platforms, with a single click is beyond productive, it’s magical. The Action Center, and the algorithms we’ve developed around it, have accelerated our ability to activate smarter marketing decisions, at unprecedented scale and speed."

Alan Lemery
Director, Strategy & Analytics, Mediaocean

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