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3 Ways to Make Ad Verification Actionable


CMOs from P&G, Unilever, and Bank of America are calling for transparency in digital media and taking action to eliminate waste from their buys. Are you making sure your ads are viewable, fraud-free, and brand safe?

At Datorama, we work with 1000s of brand and agencies to help them make the most of their verification data. Here’s how you can unlock further insights from your verification data in Datorama:

  • With so many verification metrics to track, reporting can get convoluted. Create a top line overview of viewability, brand risk, and ad fraud reporting – all in one dashboard.
  • Access consistent delivery reporting: align your ad server numbers with your publisher ad server numbers for a single source of truth and discrepancy-free reporting.
  • The market is moving toward only paying for viewable impressions. Transact on viewability with Media Cost Center: we can ingest and match up your plan data and verification data to make sure you maximize your ROI and only pay for impressions that had the opportunity to be seen.

Verification dashboards in Datorama.

To make ad verification analysis as easy as possible, Datorama has a pre-built ad verification bucket as part of the data model. So you can connect natively to verification vendors, or import any vendor data such as Moat, Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify, and WhiteOps.

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