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New Release: Synthesio API

Lucas Stewart

In the age of social media and online consumption, consumers are voicing their opinions on the web more loudly than ever. Social media has come to the forefront of digital marketing as a key channel in understanding exactly what’s on consumers’ minds. Now you can analyze data from social listening platform Syntehsio within Datorama, simply by logging in with your Synthesio credentials.

Social listening data helps marketers keep track of the conversations around their brands and competitors online, delivering both important brand strategy insights as well as context into how campaigns are resonating or being perceived. Synthesio provides the machinery to take conversations from the social web and convert them into information that can fuel smart, data-driven insights across the organization.

Example social listening dashboard

Social listening spans a wide range of real-world use cases. You can determine sentiment analysis, like what percentage of tweets about your brand are favorable or unfavorable. Social listening can also be a crucial tool for crisis management – in both detecting a crisis and prescribing solutions. For full marketing intelligence, mix social listening data with other social media and engagement data, then set alerts through the Datorama Action Center when certain conditions are met.

Ready to add social listening to your social media dashboard? Leverage these 8 organic social KPIs for ideas on how you can start tracking the metrics that matter most.

To take advantage of Synthesio and social listening data, just log in with your Synthesio credentials in the Connect & Mix tab. Have a question? Contact

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