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8 Essential Organic Social KPIs for Your Social Media Dashboard

Lucas Stewart

When it comes to social media results, a lot of people look at followers and stop there. But as the number of marketing technologies compounds, social media is proving to be an effective business tool that goes way beyond one-dimensional audience building.

With nuanced persona targeting or even account-based marketing, social media can work as an effective way to generate leads and sales from your target audiences. Or, through social listening tools, social media can become a two-way transmitter for measuring and building brand awareness. Social media can even work as a support and FAQ channel for your products. The list goes on and on.

To ensure you’re maximizing the value you’re getting out of your social media audience, here are 8 Organic Social KPIs to add to your social media dashboards. And all of these are trackable –and growable– without any additional investment in Social.

Grow Your Audience

1) Lifetime Followers

The most obvious Social metric is still essential to track. Add followers from all relevant platforms and accounts, but be sure you can drill down by platform. If you’re lacking a lifetime followers metric, a running total calculation can work to incrementally sum your followers over time. Add to its effectiveness by measuring the growth rate of individual channels.

2) Followers Over Time

How many followers are you gaining, by channel, and time period? Drilling down into Followers Over Time can help bring up your growth rate overall by identifying social media channels where followers may not come as naturally for your organization.

A social media dashboard showing growth rates and targets.

Engage Your Audience

3) Impressions

Oh, impressions. Impressions can be as fleeting as a Tweet scrolled past at hyper speed. Other platforms require longer dwells times, or even engagement. Still, measure impressions for all platforms so you can divide this by clicks to understand click through rates for various platforms.

4) Clicks

Conversions typically involve directing users away from social media platforms, toward your ecommerce sites or landing pages. Measuring clicks is the first step to improving the ROI of Social Media, because low CTRs (Clicks / Impressions) can be easily remediable by tailoring your messaging or content differently.

5) Website Visitors: Social

While clicks can give you a rough estimate how the traffic you’re driving (at least on links to your own website), visitors can come from Social in a variety of other ways – namely, from links that others share. Website visitors from Social is important to compare with clicks, so you can see how active external parties are at sharing and talking about your brand.

6) Other Post Engagement

E.g. Shares, Likes, Favorites, Comments, Replies, Retweets, Repins…

Even the most common social media platforms have different names for their engagement metrics. A good workaround here is to group them all with a custom dimension, so you can answer simple questions like: did our rebranding engage our audience more or less?

Hear Your Audience

7) Sentiment Analysis: Favorable or Unfavorable?

Social media listening tools can determine sentiment analysis, like what percentage of tweets about your brand are favorable or unfavorable. Unless you firmly believe there is no bad press, you’ll want to watch your favorability increase over time.

8) Comments (Watch for Spikes)

A spike in comments or views can often mean it’s time for a deeper sentiment analysis – think of the United Airlines passenger removal incident in 2016. Set alerts when certain increases in comments or views occur, so you can ensure you’re responding to the most active followers on the right channels.

Organic is Just the Beginning

Looking for Paid Social KPIs? Since tools like Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Ads use part of your Paid budget, stay tuned for a post on KPIs to fine tune your Paid campaigns and drive down cost per acquisition.

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