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Datorama Tips & Tricks: The Action Center

Andrew Daly

This post is part of our Tips & Tricks series, highlighting some of Datorama’s most interesting or useful features. This series features guest authors from our Client Success team, who are hard at work every day helping Datorama customers with everything from data prep to visualization.

This post is by Andrew Daly, Client Success Manager – Support Lead, North America.

The Action Center is a robust feature of Datorama that champions our effort to make your data actionable. It’s a hub of many different actions that can be taken using data that is already ingested into Datorama. These actions can be used to send updates to your key stakeholders on the performance of any of your campaigns in a variety of platforms.

Read on to learn how to make the most of this useful tool– and move beyond just dashboard reporting to insights and actions that affect your business.

How to Use the Action Center

1) Send automated emails to internal or external stakeholders– with up-to-date campaign info

Tired of modifying the same email template to have updated numbers for the week? You can create a standard email format in an Action that will query the dimension/measurement values in your Workspace.

2) Push notifications to colleagues via Slack

With Slack becoming a very widely used tool amongst many companies (Datorama included), being able to share new insights with a team channel has been an invaluable action for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

3) Enable automated SMS text messages via Twilio

For the executive on the go, the SMS text message Action via Twilio is a great method for sending your boss up to date information right before their big meeting.

4) Access an endless number of applications via IFTTT

Through the Action Center, users have the ability to access applications through the third party software IFTTT (If This Then That).  IFTTT allows for Actions (or other services) to trigger an event in another service.  With this tool, Actions can perform many different operations, such as:

  • Write an Action that will take existing Datorama data and write it to a Google Sheet for further record keeping
  • Push data into a note in Evernote to store talking points for a future meeting
  • Create a new Facebook post or Tweet based on data ingested in Datorama
  • Post a message to Salesforce Chatter with specific Campaign information

Note: You will need an IFTTT account in order to create an Applet, however they offer this service at no cost for a login

Enabling an Action

Once your Action is set up, it can be triggered in any of the following methods:

  1. Automatically via Goals – when a Goal is either met or achieved (see previous blog post on Goals)
  2. Automatically via Workflows – when a Workflow is running, have an Action trigger after your data streams/reports are completed processing, so it acts off of the most recent available data
  3. Manually – within a Dashboard Page. right click on your widget to immediately send a notification to your team/client when

If you’re not already using the Action Center and want your data to make more of an impact, try getting started with some of the alert features. Your data is always changing, and the Action Center in Datorama helps you understand when and how.

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