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Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Converge in Analytics

Lucas Stewart

At Datorama, we see firsthand the astronomical growth rate of tools and technology that marketers use. Our customers integrate an average of 70 new data streams in the first year– with many integrating hundreds or even thousands over time as they scale. Buzzed-about advances in data analytics have stakeholders assuming marketing can seamlessly report on the evolving landscape they operate in. Yet, many marketers remain in the dark.

That’s because understanding all of this data can be a complex process. To move up from disparate reports to cross channel marketing analytics, data needs to be properly integrated and unified, so marketers are comparing apples to apples and campaigns to campaigns.Then, the right marketing KPIs  need to be accessed and visualized easily, so business users can take full advantage of their data while still working at the pace of marketing. Beyond that, marketers need to know where to look each day across all their data to act and improve those KPIs.  These are the insights that improve performance.

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps make all this manageable. Playing a key role in everything from data integration to insight generation, AI enables marketers to scale endlessly while never missing an insight.

For example, AI helps automate complex processes like data classification. Analytics software that solely relies on manual data models  for unifying data can’t keep up with the constantly changing, expanding universe of new marketing tools, systems and reports marketers need to connect. AI-assisted data classification adapts and learns as new KPIs, metrics and dimensions are integrated, making it easier to integrate the same data sources for other marketers.

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