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Introducing Datorama Decision Lenses


Datorama Decision Lenses: Marketing Analytics Strategy

Decision Lenses: Plan Your Marketing Analytics Strategy and Implementation

As a marketer that’s planning to centralize your marketing data and analytics, one of the questions you may encounter early in the planning stages is “what is our marketing analytics strategy?”  At Datorama, we help thousands of brands and hundreds of agencies and publishers improve their marketing performance and impact. Today we’re excited to share our solution scoping best practices with a new white paper that explains our process, Datorama Decision Lenses.  This paper, co-authored with analytics expert Jen Underwood (Impact Analytix), provides marketers with a foundation for scoping their marketing analytics strategy and implementation.

Getting ready to centralize your marketing analytics? Read this:

Datorama Decision Lenses Whitepaper: A Data Driven Framework for Marketing.

What is Datorama Decision Lenses?

Decision Lenses is a research-based methodology that was cultivated to help marketers build a unified, actionable marketing analytics strategy through their implementation of Datorama, but it can be universally applied regardless of the platform you use. It’s founded on real-world experience, from marketers and it is baked into our onboarding processes here at Datorama.

Why a Marketing Analytics Strategy is Crucial

Building your marketing analytics strategy can mirror the complexities of a brick and mortar project in the physical world — imagine constructing a new home or office building. Before breaking ground, you need to transcribe a set of decisions about its location, square footage, layout and occupancy requirements into a blueprint. The Decision Lenses process works in the same way for marketing analytics, helping you create a blueprint to ensure your implementation takes into account the key data sources, KPIs and stakeholders you’re supporting.

A Simple Process

Data-driven marketing is a team sport and unifying your stakeholders around a common goal is what drives your business forward. To get there, you need to connect your organization around the right set of data and KPIs to optimize marketing at two levels. That’s why Decision Lenses are designed to help you drive marketing performance (e.g., across channels and campaigns) and marketing impact on the business (e.g., across products, markets, and the customer journey).

With this mind, Decision Lenses uses a four-step process to help you answer the following key questions, with deliverables at each step to align your team through feedback:

  1. Which channels are potential and existing customers using to interact with your brand?
  2. Which metrics and KPIs do you need to monitor and optimize?
  3. Who needs to collaborate and make decisions about customers, channels, metrics and KPIs?
  4. Which views do each of your stakeholders need for smarter decision making and better collaboration?

Designed for Smarter Decision Making and Better Collaboration

A key facet of Decision Lenses is ensuring the harmonization of your business’ stakeholders as it relates to your data. By understanding who makes decisions and who needs to collaborate together, you can bridge the marketing decision gaps between your CMO, CDO, CRO and CFO, as well as your digital marketers, channel managers, product managers, and any other group who contributes to marketing’s success. This comprehensive view will help you connect the dots between stakeholders, so you can provide the right lenses of your data to support smarter decision making and collaboration across your organization.

How Decision Lenses Work with the Datorama Platform

Decision Lenses works hand in hand with the the Datorama Marketing Integration Engine. Our technology provides marketers with the fastest and smartest way to connect all of their data — regardless of source and format — and unify it into a holistic view for analytics that span the entire customer journey. Innovations in machine learning-assisted data integration, data harmonization and insight generation finally make it possible for marketers to master their ever-changing environment.  The result is a single source of truth that stays current. This continuity makes it possible for marketers to place trust in their analytics, regardless of how messy their raw data is or if inputs change. With Decision Lenses, you’ll have a clear and efficient process to help scope your solution and implementation, so you can get the most out of the platform for your specific team and goals.

Getting started

To learn more how Datorama Decision Lenses can help you craft your marketing analytics strategy, download our white paper. Ready to start the conversation about unifying your marketing data and analytics?  Send us a note to schedule an introduction.

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